Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Big bike sale...

Being in West Marin is a challenge sometimes. The biggest challenge is not being in a highly populated area where, if one needs a bike, they just pop down to the local bike shop to see all the bikes and choose one. All the bikes I bring in are bikes I like. I think it's important to have items you sell that you like. However, there are a few bikes that I brought in that haven't attracted their new owner, yet. So, this is a chance for these bikes' new owner to make a connection.

First up is a 55cm Salsa Casseroll. This is a really nice bike. It is super versatile. Performs well as a long-distance rider. Would perform great for a supported bike tour. Great commuter. This is a bike I could very easily own and ride as a road bike or commuter. My one mile commute wouldn't do it justice, however. I wants to stretch it's legs and ride. Here's the deal. This bike was originally $1755. Salsa lowered the retail to about $1495 a while back and the last one I have, a 55cm, I'm going to let go for about $1200. It's got Shimano 105 10-speed with a triple crank. Here's a picture of the bike.

Next I've got a Raleigh Sojourn. It's the biggest one Raleigh offers which they call a 59cm. It's set up pretty nice. It's hella sturdy. Perhaps the neatest thing about the bike is that is built out of the box with a Brooks seat, Brooks leather handlebar tape, it also comes with a Lezyne frame pump, fenders, and a rear rack. It is also a very clean looking bike with no huge company logos adorning it. Just a simple, small Raleigh head badge and top tube badges. Again, this is my last Sojourn and it's price is reduced to $900 down from $1225. A steal. Again, a picture of the bike.

Third up, I've got two Redline Conquest bikes. These are 2009 models and for the life of me, can't figure out why I still have them. They are great cross bikes with a smart mix of components. A mix of parts high-lighted with a set of Tiagra 9-speed STI shifters. Why is Tiagra a high-light? Because they are 9-speed and let you run a Shimano mountain bike derailleur with an 11-34 if you need lower gears. Wise thing if you ride up and down steep dirt roads. The wheels, bar, stem, seat post are all Ritchey. I really like these bikes. I've got two left in either a 54cm or a 56cm. Original price was $1195, but one can be yours for $895.

Last up is a Redline Mono 9. It's a 15" frame and it will fit someone as short as 5'2" as when my son was that tall, he took it for a spin around the parking lot and it fit him just fine. The Mono 9 was a sweet bike that Redline doesn't make any more - Japanese Sanko chome-moly tubing, SRAM X9 rear shifter and derailleur, FSA single-speed crank with guard, WTB rims with Maxxis tires, Ritchey Pro bar/stem/seat post. Just a great package of parts on a super nice frame. This 15" can be yours for $800. The original price was $1050. I've got the original box stashed away and can repack it for shipment to your house.

Alright, that's it. I've got to make some room in the shop in anticipation of my Black Mountain Cycles frames arriving in July (holy crap - that's next month!). Might be early August, though. Call me or e-mail me or come on in for one of these great bikes.

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frankenbiker said...

That Raleigh Is a nice bike for the money,If I didn't already have A Kona Sutra tourer I'd have to give that one a new home.