Sunday, May 23, 2010

Salsa Fargo SLX, Salsa Vaya...

Salsa's introduction of the new lower priced Fargo SLX along with the new Vaya has definitely been popular. Within days of their becoming available, they have sold out at the distributor level. However, I have managed to snag some and have one of each left and available. The Fargo SLX is a size Large. The Vaya is a 57cm and is $1549. (edit 5/23/10 - the Vaya is sold. It looks like early June I'm hoping to have more).

The Fargo SLX comes to me in a very unassembled state. Unlike most bikes that are at least 85% assembled, the Fargo SLX is about 50% assembled. Because it takes me a fairly significant amount of time to assemble a Fargo SLX, my price is $1425. During the assembly, bolts get grease on the threads, hubs get adjusted properly (a little too tight for my likes from Shimano), wheels checked. And most important, I take the time to make sure the cable routing out of the brake lever is clean. As it comes, the cable housing exits the Tektro body at an almost 90 degree angle and must bend up immediately to follow the curve of the Woodchipper bar resulting in too tight of a bend. I modify the Tektro lever so the cable housing can follow a much more natural bend resulting in smooth cable movement within the housing. Takes about 15-20 minutes extra to get it done right, but in the end, whoever ends up with a bike that I assemble will have a much more pleasant long-term experience with their bike.

fargoslx 001

fargoslx 002

fargoslx 003

fargoslx 004

fargoslx 005

BTW, that XL Fargo XT I posted recently is gone - it got converted to Woodchipper bars, 22/32/44 XT crank, and WTB Pathway 38 tires. The 38 Pathway tires on the widish Salsa Semi rims actually measured out at about 42. They look great on the Fargo. As soon as the 45 Firecross XC wear out, I'm going to throw a set of the Pathways on my cross bike.

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Scott said...

Can you post some photos of your modification to the Tektro Levers?

If I didn't already have 1/2 of the parts I would have bought my Fargo from you.

blackmountaincycles said...

The mod is shown here: