Saturday, May 1, 2010

Picture Saturday...

The weather has been pretty dang awesome in these neck of the woods - well, when it's not raining or the wind is howling. But other than that, it's been really great. Here's some images of some road riding. The first set is from the Marshall Wall loop one early morning a week or so ago. The last three are from a wind-blown ride last Thursday. It might have been a-blowing, but the tailwind on the way back was spectacular. Enjoy your weekend.

Hicks Valley Road
2010-04-19 001
2010-04-19 002

They (who are they?) say black is slimming.
2010-04-19 005
2010-04-19 006

Weekday morning rides on back-country roads is the best. I get the road all to myself.
2010-04-19 007

From the top of the Marshall Wall looking over Tomales Bay with Inverness Ridge in the background.
2010-04-19 008

A few of my favorite things - my bike, full fenders, a Zefal HPX frame pump, Velox bar-end plugs, Defeet wool socks, Swobo wool knee warmers, and the road all to myself.
2010-04-19 010

From a ride on Thursday out to Kehoe Beach and back. The wind speed recordings this day measured out at the lighthouse were being measured at 30mph with gusts in the 50mh range. I didn't experience quite that strong of wind, but it was blowing pretty good out of the north.

img 025

Looking out over the National Seashore, M Ranch, and the Pacific from the top of Pierce Point Road. I never get tired of this view.
img 021

(What's playing: dinking around on youtube listening to some Dramarama)

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