Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Parlez vous 650b...

If you are into 650b tires for your mountain bike or city bike or rando bike, I've got tires for you. Small selection of rando 650b tires, but a nice selection of 650b tires for your mountain bike. Here's what I got: Kenda Nevegal, Pacenti Neo-Moto in 21. and 2.3, Pacenti Quasi-Moto, and WTB's new Wolverine. Also have rims from Velocity - Blunts and Synergy. I can build wheels for conversions or keep your rims wrapped in rubber. Give me a ring or drop me an e-mail if'n you needs some 650b speak.

(What's playing: Robert Johnson Crossroad Blues, followed by Eric Clapton's version on KWMR)

1 comment:

Gino Zahnd said...

This is great Mike! I now have a local-ish source for tires!