Thursday, May 13, 2010

New adventure bikes in the shop...

Part of what makes a bike shop a bike shop is bikes. And part of what makes a successful bike shop is the selling of bikes. Well, I've got some great bikes to sell and I need to sell some soon. I'm hoping that folks in the Bay Area who are looking for adventure bikes can make the trek out to Point Reyes Station to check out my selection of bikes from Bruce Gordon, Salsa, and Surly. Bikes that can take you on your favorite 2 hour adventure or on a multi-week touring adventure.

Point Reyes Station? But that's so far away! Well, it's within only a couple of hours from the farthest points of the Bay Area (and Sacramento/Davis is still within that range). A lot of folks will drive a couple hours to get to a ride or a race. Why not drive a bit to get to a shop that has some great touring, cross, and adventure bikes? Point Reyes Station is also a great destination. We have an incredible National Park. We have even more amazing riding in the area - both on and off-road. We also have great food featuring a lot of locally grown and raised flora and fauna.

So, what are you waiting for? Come on out to Point Reyes Station. I'll show you some great riding routes, tell you about each of the restaurants, and maybe even help you with your next bike purchase.

Here are some new ones that are in the shop:

Bruce Gordon BLT - $2195 w/o bags, $2545 with the Ortlieb bags as shown.
picture 009

Salsa Fargo XT, Surly Long Haul Trucker, Raleigh Sojourn (59cm and price to move at $950).
picture 008

Salsa Vaya 57cm ($1549) with a Surly Cross Check in 58 and 54. The 54 has been converted to triple. Standard Cross Checks are $1049. The converted triple bike is $1095. I can also change out the tires to up to a 45 Panaracer Fire Cross for a monster of a cross bike. The Salsa Vaya is in total short supply and I have one here for you.
picture 007

Here's one of the few remaining Salsa Fargo XT build bikes, size XL. The new Fargo comlplete bikes will be built with SLX parts - very nice parts, but there is nothing like a complete XT group. The Fargo SLX bikes will be $1425. This XT Salsa Fargo is $1595 - a screaming deal. If you are on the north side of about 6'3", this is a great bike for on and off-roading.
picture 003

Fargo dropout, XT derailleur, Avid BB7 brakes (the SLX will come with Avid BB5 brakes, not bad, but not BB7's).
picture 005

Fargo with XT cranks.
picture 006

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