Thursday, April 1, 2010

OS Bikes...

There are about 40 complete OS BlackBuck complete bikes available. Framesets have been sold out. Even though the parts are not current model year, the whole package is really nice. One of the best riding 29" wheel bikes of all-time and one of Steve Worland's (from What Mountain Bike in the UK) favorite riding bikes when he visited the shop a while back. and test rode one.

If you want to have what will one day be just as classic as an 80's Steve Potts bike, there is a limited opportunity. One size only. If you have an inseam between about 32" to about 34" or 35", it's your size. Call or e-mail for more info. Price is $1600 for the complete bike and one went out the door yesterday.

(What's playing: Buck Owens Tall Dark Stranger)


MMcG said...

Screamingly good Deal!!!

Hal Render said...

Agreed, an excellent deal. Do any of these have the rigid fork?