Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mixed terrain ride...

Four days, four rides. Pretty good streak of rides going. Three rides on the cross bike, one on the road bike. Today, it was a cross bike ride. Some pavement, some dirt, some single-track, some fire road. The day started out a bit warmer, then got colder up on Inverness Ridge. By the time I got home, my toes were pretty chilled, but it wasn't really cold. Early in the ride, I broke a spoke on the non-drive side. A couple of weeks ago, I broke a spoke on the drive side. Not bad for a wheel that is 15 years old and has seen duty on two other bikes. However, it seems like it's time for a wheel rebuild.

This is a steep dirt road with a grade probably in the 20% range.

img 020

This little critter must have met its demise not too long before I came across it.

img 022

Looking out over the Point Reyes National Seashore.

img 027

Looking out on Drake's Bay. No matter how many times I ride up here, it always looks a little different.

img 031

What will be the Black Mountain Cycles monster cross bike. Maybe I'll call it the Ridge, since I love riding up there. I love riding this bike more every time I ride it.

img 033

Super fun single-track.

img 036

(What's playing: Merle Haggard I've Seen It Go Away)


David said...

Hi Mike,

When are you expecting to have those bikes for sale?

How does this monster crosser differ from the likes of the Salsa Vaya? (Sloping top tube, BB height?) Or the La Cruz? (Tire clearance?)

Is it more like a sport-tourer with bigger tire clearance? Can it handle the gravel and still be fast on the road?

Inquiring minds want to know.



blackmountaincycles said...

Instead of answering this in comment form, I'll treat it to a separate blog post within a day or so.

efuentes said...

I just rode on the sweet Rawland that you sold me, starting with the roadie peloton for a while and then some fire roads back to town and ended up doing some gnarly singletrack to earn my Sunday brunch.

As far as I am concerned is hard to top a mixed terrain ride.

And the envy look on the roadies faces after I jumped off the main road on my "Weird Bike". Priceless.