Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's in the stand...

Had these two really nice, classic mountain bikes come in recently for some work. The Ritchey P-23 had a problem with the headset. Namely that the headset would not stay in adjustment and would loosen while riding. The problem turned out to be the cable hanger. The shape of the hanger where it fit over the upper cup didn't let it sit flush on top of the cup resulting in the headset lock nut and top race not being able to lock together. A quick grinding of the bottom of the cable hanger and the fit was good and the headset is not in adjustment.


The Phoenix was in for a different wheelset to be installed. This Phoenix has rear wheel spacing of 140mm. The problem was the previous 140mm wheelset had red Chris King hubs. The owner preferred silver King hubs, but the wheelset was 135mm spaced. A quick swap of the King axles, re-dishing of the wheels, and the silver set was ready for its new home in the Phoenix's dropouts and the red set was ready for a 135mm spaced frame.


(What's playing: KWMR All Day Music Show and David Bowie's Changes)


Gloria said...

Nice bikes!!! :)

laffeaux said...

They looked sweet at Keyesville!