Saturday, March 6, 2010

What's in the stand...

I don't know why folks who are looking to buy vintage Steve Potts bikes can't find them. Heck, it's like they are a dime-a-dozen out here. Here is a prime example of a Potts bike. This was Steve's personal bike and was recently (I hesitate to use the word "rescued" but it works) rescued from Steve's rafters. After being ridden hard and put away filthy one too many times, the new owner dropped it off to me to get restored to it's original rough, rideable condition. The frame was made with some light tubing so it's a great feeling, light, nimble bike.

Steve Potts 8

Steve Potts 7

Steve Potts 6

Steve Potts 5

Steve Potts 4

Steve Potts 3

Steve Potts 2

Steve Potts 1

This is what the derailleur looked like prior to operation sanitize.

10+ years of grunge

(What's playing: Iris Dement Keep Me God)

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Jim said...

That stem is crazy!@#