Friday, February 26, 2010

Where did that cable guide go...

...and why is my coffee "crunchy?" Set a cable guide that came off a bike that is getting the full monty on the shelf above my work bench. Must have been perched on the edge because when I went for it to install it back on the bike in the stand, it wasn't there. Hard to blame someone for "borrowing" it since I'm the only one here and unless it is meat flavored, Sport won't be interested in it.

Hmmmm. Ponder while I take a sip of coffee. That's odd. Why is my coffee crunchy? Oh, that's why. Two points. It did clean up nicely, though.

cableguide 1

Good down to the last drop. Why waste that last bit of coffee because I don't want to stick my dirty fingers in the cup to fish the guide out.

cableguide 2

(What's playing: Neko Case Deep Red Bells)


sherpaehb said...

I'm sure that guide will run smoothly for many miles now that it's fully caffeinated. But, seriously wash that cup!

Jason said...

I hope we get to see what the chris king bottom bracket is going into

blackmountaincycles said...

One little plastic spacer - you are good. It went to this:

I look at the cup as having a nice patina. Probably doesn't do much to the flavor, but then I consider myself more of a con-a-sewer of coffee. Duly noted though.

blackmountaincycles said...

Try that again: