Wednesday, February 24, 2010

What's in the stand...

Another really cool build up. The frame and parts were dropped off at the shop for a complete assembly. The frame also got a complete JP Weigle Frame Saver treatment. Not a bad idea for an older steel bike that one plans to keep around for years to come.

The build and bike turned out really nice. The nice touch about this bike is that it is one of the 140mm spaced frames which matches perfectly to the WTB New Paradigm 140mm hub. There was only one glitch in the build. During the rear brake install/adjustment, applying the brakes caused the rim to shift quite a bit to the side like the hub cones weren't adjusted. Nope, cones feel right, but the cassette body felt like it was going to come off. Pulled the axle and found that the cassette body fixing bolt was broken right at the shoulder of the bolt. First ride probably would have caused the cassette body to completely disengage and damage the spline on the hub or drive the cogs into the frame stays. Replace the bolt and it's perfect.

Phoenix 011

Phoenix 013

Phoenix 014

It might look, in this shot, that the brake cable angle is "off." However, as soon as the brake lever is pulled, the cable straightens out perfectly resulting in a direct, straight cable pull and no stress at the anchor.

Phoenix 015

Phoenix 016

Not the greatest picture, but it really shows how perfect the proportions are on this bike.

Phoenix 018

(What's playing: The Breeders Cannonball on KWMR's All Day Music Show)


Ben said...

Definitely on my list of must bikes. Just pretty. As you say, it's all in the proportions.

Head Honcho said...

I'm glad to say that one is nearer to the fold once again!

The Black Blur said...

sweet blog and a sweet shop. i need to come by sometime. rather drop my cash at a shop like yours . ..