Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's in the stand...

Finished building up this Retrotec 650b. The frame was originally made for 26" wheels, but the 650b fits okay in back and with the White Bros. 650b fork, geometry is preserved - albeit with a little taller bottom bracket. While this bike was here, Curtis Inglis and his wife stopped by. Upon spying the frame, they asked each other "do you remember that one?" Neither did since it's also been repainted since it left Curtis' shop.

It's a pretty nice bike and I do like the Jones H-Bar.

retrotec 007
retrotec 008
retrotec 009
retrotec 010
I think this may be my favorite all-around front derailleur. Wide range capacity and works with almost any chainring combination.
retrotec 011
retrotec 013
(What's playing: Johnny Cash Personal Jesus)