Thursday, February 4, 2010

Four days in a row...

I was able to get out on the bike four days in a row this week. Rain was in the forecast today but according to the weather radar, it was holding off for a bit, so into the car went Sport and the cross bike for a spin up Inverness Ridge. On my once per week schedule, I was in the granny right out of the starting gate on this ride. Today, middle ring - well, at least until the trail got steeper at the 2/3 mark. Middle/big on the cross bike is a big deal to me since it's a 34/28 gear (granny being 24/28).

Earlier in the week, I got out on the road bike for the Nicasio loop and for a ride out to North Beach and back - combined for about 55 miles. I'll take it along with two rides up to Inverness Ridge with Sport.

Tomales Bay
Sport will easily keep up with me on the descent.
Racing downhill
Black Mountain from the ridge.
Black Mountain
Black Mountain is the shop's namesake and the iconic image for my logo.
Black Mountain x2
Black Mountain x2
On the way out to North Beach, I snapped a few pics. This is the beached boat on Tomales Bay behind the Inverness Store.
Beached boat
The sun peaked out on the climb up Ottinger's Hill out of Inverness. Ottinger's Hill is a painful reminder that the flat(ish) road through Inverness ends abruptly in this short, somewhat steepish (7-8% grade?) climb.
Looking back towards Inverness Ridge. I was really liking the fenders during this ride. No rain, but the roads were plenty wet.
Morning ride
On the road
Three guys were fishing the surf at North Beach, the turn around spot.
Fishing at North Beach
Sweet looking road bike! I'm loving this thing more every time I get on the saddle.
Black Mountain Cycles road bike

(What's playing: The Knitters Long Chain On)


Gary said...

The best bike is the one we choose to ride on a given day. Excellent narrative and photos as usual!

Chris said...

Great pics as always Mike. I believe there's Striped Bass to be had in the waters off that beach.