Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another day, another ride...

The late winter weather is incredible this week. Mid-60's temps and minimal breezes. So this morning at 8, I had to take advantage of it and head out on one of my favorite loops - on the road to Inverness, up to Inverness Ridge and Mt. Vision via a dirt road, Mt. Vision Rd. to the Inverness Ridge Trail and back to town.

I'll never get tired of the views from Inverness Ridge - both to the east and west. To the east, Tomles Bay.

2010-02-16 001

2010-02-16 003

Took the "monster cross" bike out today. Dang, this is a fun bike. It just gobbles up rolling dirt roads.

2010-02-16 005

Looking west with Abbott's Lagoon on the right and the big ole Pacific stretching way out there.
2010-02-16 006

Drake's Bay and Drake's Estero.

2010-02-16 007

Black Mountain aka Elephant Mountain.

2010-02-16 009

Inverness Ridge Trail - oh so sweet!

2010-02-16 010

2010-02-16 011

The banana slugs were out in force. There was one spot where it looked like a stampede with about 8 of them within a 5' diameter. Must have been some good poo in the area.

2010-02-16 017

More Inverness Ridge Trail. This section is super cool with the tunnel-like trees.

2010-02-16 019

Up here, I was thinking how my amigos in Minnesota were faring in the snow and dedicate this shot to Jason.

2010-02-16 021

(What's playing: KWMR Musical Varité)


David said...


What is the bike you are riding here? I'd like to set up something similar for myself. Though I'd need a much smaller frame. :)

Short Guy

blackmountaincycles said...

It's a cross-bike frame I'm working on as my shop brand frame. I'll be posting more details as the project gets closer to fruition.