Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Starting the year off right...

Six days into the new year and two rides down. Now if I can keep up the riding - at least into March so I have some fitness for the Keyesville Classic vintage mountain bike race where my rep is on the line.

A little jaunt up to Marshall and back this morning on the road bike. The fenders look good on the bike, but I'm not sure how much I'm into them. I am a fanatic about reaching down to clean the tires with my finger-tips when I happen to roll through a patch or junk on the road. Can't do it with fenders. I'll give them a chance, though.

The road bike rides really nice - as evidence by the one shot of descending, cornering, and taking pictures.

Highway 1
Highway 1
Highway 1

(What's playing: KWMR Roadhouse Twang)


JT Burke said...

Hi Mike. I'm the same way about fenders on my road bike, but they're so nice in the winter! My teammate cut the head off a toothbrush and attached it to the inside of the fender (rivet? ziptie?) and there was just enough give to push down on the fender and scrub the tire clean. Might work for you?

Alan Sue said...

Hei Shan Zi Xing Che = Black Mountain Bicycles. Very Nice!