Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's in the stand...

Time for a "what's in the stand post." This time around it's an early 90's Potts CCR (Cross Country Racer) that has a fresh coat of 'Yeti Pink' from Spectrum Powder Works. The owner jut happened to also have a Type II w/ canti bosses that fit nicely instead of the original Ritchey Logic fork, which is a pretty nice fork on its own. A Salsa stem was also coated to match to complete the pepto ensemble.
From What's in the Stand

The bike was originally made for the WTB Grease Guard bottom bracket (see the two small holes in the bb shell). Unfortunately, GG bearings are long gone but the shell is machined to accept any 6003 bearing - the original oversized, pressed in bearing that showed up on mountain bikes way before this current crop of direct fit bearings in these new-fangled plastic bikes.
From What's in the Stand

I'm not sure how the previous owner made the combination of Suntour XC Pro Micro-Drive crank and 122.5 bottom bracket axle work since it produced a chainline of 54mm. When I was taking the bike apart to send for powder coat, I didn't check the original chainline and only noted the dimensions of the axle and how much was exposed on the left and right side so when time can to reinstall, I matched the original position. This would have worked fine - if the axle was the correct length in the first place. But it wasn't correct. The crank needs a 113mm length axle and after receiving a Phil Wood ti axle, got it all together. It's so nice when it all goes together perfectly on the first shot. Needless to say, the crank/bb position is so dialed, I couldn't imagine it going any better.
From What's in the Stand

More later as the build gets further along.

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frankenbiker said...

That color gives me Nausea,Heartburn,Indigestion,Upset Stomach,Diarhea!YUCK!Nice frame though,like the bottom bracket fix.