Saturday, December 12, 2009

Ortlieb bags and Tubus racks now available...

Finally got around to bringing in Ortlieb bags and Tubus racks. I've got a small selection of Ortlieb and Tubus that will be a continuously stocked. One more step in narrowing my focus on the touring, cyclocross, adventure riding arena.

The Bruce Gordon BLT with USA made Gordon racks is the perfect complement to a set of Ortlieb BikePacker bags.
From Bikes & Things in the Shop

From Bikes & Things in the Shop

The Tubus racks, like the Gordon racks, are nice in their simplicity.
From Bikes & Things in the Shop

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eric stobin said...

i saw at interbike orteib had a new convertible pannier to backpack. or something like looked super sweet and i liked the versitility. Orttleib rules supreme in the nasty and wet northwest. those tubus racks look super sweet, too.