Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Deli bike and one of those @!*& moments...

In the category of @!*&, this is what happens when you don't triple check to make sure all the parts that came off a bike being packed into a travel case make it in said case. Luckily I triple checked before the customer picked up the case.

With the new-fangled carbon bikes with integrated seat masts, the cranks need to be removed to fit them into a travel case.

Hey, I'm supposed to be in that black case over yonder...
And in the category of "I probably should have taken notes and pictures of the bike before disassembling it to be powder coated," is this Pashley Deli Bike belonging to the Bear Valley Inn. Bunch of parts that need to be assembled to the frame laid out after powder coating. The rest of the parts are in the ginormous wicker basket.

With a little trial and not much error, it went together nicely. The owner discovers the odd sensation of not being able to see the front wheel as the bars are turned and the basket stays straight.
And finally she gets it - or at least I think that's the "I get it" expression.
(What's playing: The Byrds Time Between)

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