Monday, November 9, 2009

Shop makeover...

With the help of friends Ken & Amanda, I got more slatwall up in the shop to convert a corner into touring central - racks, fenders, panniers... The touring section complements the touring bikes I have in the shop - Bruce Gordon BLT, Surly Long Haul Trucker, and Raleigh Sojourn. The touring bikes and cyclocross bikes I plan to focus on reflect my like for bikes with sensible, large volume tires and drop handlebars.

There's more merchandising to do to reorganize the clothes and other accessories in the shop. Big thanks to Amanda for helping with this project.

From Shop Photos

Sport being ever vigilant with the birds on the skylight.
From Shop Photos

From Shop Photos

Touring bikes from Bruce Gordon, Raleigh, and Surly.
From Shop Photos

Relocated the other couch to the work area. Might be too tempting for me to take breaks during the day now. Might have to do somthing about the chipped paint on the floor now.
From Shop Photos

(What's playing: Tom Waits Blind Love)


efuentes said...

You have now, officially, my dream bike shop.

Just need a barbecue in the back (And maybe a brick pizza oven :-)).

blackmountaincycles said...

Thanks Edmundo! Funny you mention the brick pizza oven...there's a restaurant (Cafe Reyes) about 30 steps from my front door that serves a great pizza cooked in a wood fired oven!