Monday, November 9, 2009

Bruce Gordon BLT...

To complement the new touring section, I've got the new Bruce Gordon BLT (Basic Loaded Touring) frameset in stock. It's a definite classic touring frame with its 1" threaded fork and quill stem. The bike I have here is what Bruce calls a 56cm (60cm to the top of the seat tube - add 4cm to Bruce's size to get the center to top seat tube length). It's plenty big to fit my 6'3" frame.

The bike is nicely appointed with a custom specified tubeset appropriate for long distance touring. It would also make a great city or commuting bike. Other nice touches are: threaded cable stops for derailleurs and rear brake, CNC dropouts that will eliminate eyelet fatigue, rack boss locations that match up to the BG racks.

The frameset includes frame, fork, stem, headset, front cable hanger and Made in Petaluma genuine Bruce Gordon racks. You can have them powder coated the standard black or the ultra-cool blue.

The frameset package with US made racks is $975. Check out the specs on Bruce's site for more information including geometry.

From Bikes for sale

From Bikes for sale

Not one to hide the fact that the frame is made in Taiwan, the down tube decal says "Basic Loaded Touring" in Chinese (Mandarin to be precise).
From Bikes for sale

The threaded cable adjuster is a nice touch for the rear brake.
From Bikes for sale

The classic Bruce Gordon rack in powder coat blue looks great on the gray frame and matches the blue in the decal nicely.
From Bikes for sale

That's a 37c Schwalbe Marathon tire there and it's got plenty of clearance for fenders.
From Bikes for sale

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nalax said...

Nothing like a BLT! That's quite a package for the price.

Small correction-the written Chinese language is neither Mandarin, Cantonese or Taiwanese. They all use the same written language. The main difference is that mainland China uses "simplified characters" while Taiwan and Hong Kong use "traditional characters". The simplified is easier to write due to less strokes. The BLT uses the traditional characters.