Thursday, October 15, 2009

One for Ben...

Ben's waiting for his very own Steve Potts titanium frameset, so I thought I'd throw him a bone. Here is the first Potts 650b frame that is in the stand right now getting boxed to be sent to it's new home. It turned out pretty sweet. It's designed around a Fox 100mm travel fork and by adjusting the travel of the fork down to 80mm, it could also be run with a full-sized 29" wheel up front.
From Potts

Good clearance with the Pacenti 2.35 Neo-Moto (Neo and Quasi Moto and Kenda Nevegal 650b in stock, by the way).
From Potts

From Potts

From Potts

From Potts

The brakes the owner sent me were for IS mounting, but luckily Shimano makes a nifty adapter that allows an IS caliper to be mounted to a post mount by using a 180mm rotor - a good idea with the bigger wheels as well.
From Potts

And just because I can, here's another Potts 29"er that came in yesterday for service.
From Potts

(What's playing: Luther Wright and the Wrongs Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2)


Spoony said...

Great! I am waiting for my own Steve Potts MTB frame and this post is feeding my dreams... ;-)

Ben said...

Well that makes two of us. Thanks for the shot in the arm Mike!

They look gorgeous.

Ben said...

Man, just noticed the Newsboy in the background! Some days Mike, some days....

Bushpig.vrc said...

That sure is a nice looking Potts! Thanks for building it up 100% Mike.

Jay said...

Who makes the cool newsboy?

blackmountaincycles said...

Merlin made those years ago. Very limited run.

laffeaux said...

How many shops randomly have two Potts frames in at the same time? Hmmm... you must be doing something right. ;)