Saturday, September 19, 2009

You know it's Saturday at Black Mountain Cycles when...

...there's a blueberry scone from the Bovine Bakery on my work bench along with coffee. And if it's during the Pt. Reyes farmer's market, there will also be a plate full of papas con huevos y aguacate on top of a hand-made gordita from the great ladies who run a food stand featuring homemade Mexican food and incredible corn tortillas. Note use of Tapatio sauce. Wishing it was Cholula sauce, though.

Had a pretty good Saturday too. Finished up some work on the one and only Breezer Panorama tandem. It needed a new front derailleur, a B-tension spring tension increase, and new shift cables. When I had a chance, I worked on getting Noah's Cunningham back together. It did take some time to modify the lock nut to fully thread down on to the fork and allow room for the tapered stem expander to fit. Cunningham (and some old Potts) stems fit onto the forks via an interesting design. A tapered cone is redundant, but that's another story. Basically a tapered stub is brazed into the steerer tube, an aluminum wedge is pressed into the stem and the whole thing is held together with one bolt from the top. However, in order for it to work properly, the lock nut has to have the lip removed so it can be run completely down over the threads.

I figured that I would have to file the lip out of the WTB GG headset locknut, but needed to verify. A quick call to Charlie to confirm and I set about filing out the lip. And that's about all I was able to finish on the 'ham today. But that one thing is one of those flood-gate operations that once complete everything else nicely falls into place.

And in the category of DOH!, I needed to install a new rear brake able in the Breezer tandem so I pull out one of the tandem brake cables, cut off the road end and DOH!, it was a dedicated road tandem cable and not one of the double-ended road/mountain cables. I wasn't so upset that I just cut off the wrong end as I was about wasting a whole length of brake cable.
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efuentes said...

Man, what a great blog, turns out I am not the only one that likes road bikes with fat knobbies (Maybe the only one in Sinaloa Mexico :-)).

I will have to order something from your great shop.

Saludos from Mexico.