Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Break the surface and breathe...

Whew! It's been a busy couple of weeks. Plenty to do at the shop and even more to do for my side business. So much going on that when I do finally get a time to post an update, I'd rather get on the bike.

Last week was also busy as my friend, Amanda, and I got ready for our radio show, Bakersfield and Beyond. Then I closed the shop for the weekend and we and our spouses descended on Bakersfield via train to take in Dave Alvin and the Guilty Women at Fishlips, a local bar - that was a great show, Dave Alvin is on fire with this band and makes me want to learn how to play guitar again (last time I was in 4th grade). We also caught Buddy Owens, Buck Owens' son at the Buck Owens Crystal Place, visited Trout's Blackboard - one of the last of the original Bakersfield honky-tonks and had a mid-afternoon beer. We also picked up some classic vinyl at Darkstar Records and Books run by Dan Robertson, a 37 year veteran of Buck Owens' KUZZ radio station. We even got a tour of one of Bakersfield's recording studios, American Sound Recording Studio, by the sound engineer and another local musician, Mike Cornett of Meestro. And last, but not least, we met Dr. BLT, the keeper of the flame for the Bakerfield Sound in Bakersfield and all-around prolific Facebook poster and song-writer.

And today is been Buck Owens' birthday. Gonna be playing some Buck and Bakerfield tunes in the shop today.

More bike stuff coming!

(What's playing: Merle Haggard Are The Good Times Really Over)

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