Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Musical interlude...

In addition to this bike stuff, I also get to co-host a radio show out here in West Marin on KWMR. Bakersfield and Beyond: Music for Maverick, Outlaws, and Romantics is a show dedicated to the Bakersfield Sound. The Bakersfield Sound crosses many musical genres with the center being twangy country with a harder edge than the music that came out (is coming out) of Nashville.

My co-host (actually, I'm her co-host since she's the brains behind the operation), Amanda and I try to bring a widey diverse mix of music from artists who are associated with the Bakersfield Sound. We've had great fun delving into such artists as Homer Joy, Wanda Jackson - the Queen of Rock, Tim Hus - all of whom we have interviewed for the show.

We also started a blog for the radio show which can be checked out here: Bakersfield and Beyond. We post the playlist after each show and will post interviews once we (Amanda) figure out how to do it. We would like to at some point offer an entire podcast of the show, but there are licensing issues at hand.

Check out the blog, check out the show. It airs every other Thursday and it can be listened to over the air waves here in West Marin at 90.5 or 89.9 a bit further south or on-line at The next show is May 28.

(What's playing: John Doe and The Sadies Fool Such As I)

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