Tuesday, May 12, 2009

All-in-one bikes...

The LA Times ran a story on "all-in-one" bikes yesterday. Pretty cool. These are the exact types of bikes that I love and that I want my shop to be known for. Out of the four bikes mentioned, I carry the Rawland, I can order the Diamondback, and Bruce Gordon is a great guy and great framebuilder who lives over the hill and visits the shop somewhat regularly. Everyone needs at least one bike like these in their bike stable.

I think out of most of the bike categories, these all-in-one bikes are by far the greenest bikes out there. For me, they virtually eliminate driving my car to go ride my bike. Most mountain bikes need to be driven to the trail-head. With these all-in-one bikes, you ride from your door out to your adventure of the day and ride back home. Perfect.

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