Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Painting pt. 2 bikes back on the rack...

I'm beat. Putting 18 bikes back on the rack is much more difficult than taking them down. Even more so after I inflated 36 tires that had aired down over the past many months. Inflated them with a hand pump. But, they're up and I mounted three bikes on the wall behind the bikes making some room down-stairs, so to speak. The green walls absorb more of the light and really show that a couple of my fluorescent lamps are out. I'll have to figure out what's wrong with them soon since the lamps are new. Probably the ballast.

The new color on the wall sure makes the shop feel a lot nicer.
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Got everything buttoned up when the skies opened up and dumped on us. After the mini-flood a couple of weeks ago, I'm glad I improved the drainage in front of the shop. Worked like a charm to divert the water.

It was dumping during this shot. Notice the parking lot. Water, but not a crazy amount. Wait.
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Yep, it's raining.
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Now, there's water and guess where it's headed.
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Well, not all of it, but a good amount of it. It all got diverted down past the shop. Bullet dodged.
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(What's playing: The Knitters Long Chain On)


Julie said...

I LOVE the green walls (and I'm not just saying that because green is my favorite color).

Guitar Ted said...

I agree with Julie. Nice choice in color. I think the shop looks 100% better on my monitor. I can only guess at how well it looks in person. ;-)

I am also glad to see that your run-off project worked out. I have a weird fascination with stuff like that. Must be the "boy engineer" in me.

jkeiffer said...

Looks good. Congrats and have another Alieve on me.

nalax said...

I take it the top rack bikes are NFS. It's a mini bike museum!

blackmountaincycles said...

"I take it the top rack bikes are NFS" - true that.

Bushpig.vrc said...

They better not be for sale ;)

eric stobin said...

the top rack is like a candy store, mike! i hope to visit your shop in the future. the paint looks great!

eric in seattle