Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ho-hum, just some more everyday bikes in for repair...

With apologies to Guitar Ted, I really can't help it when bikes like these "just show up" for work. The first is an early 90's Salsa ala Carte with the trademark rasta jelly bean paint. It only needed new tires.

The second is a Steve Potts CCR (Cross Country Racer) from about 1990. It's brakes were squealing something fierce. It's also going to get a nice washing for its owner's birthday. The funny thing about the Potts is Gabe from Box Dog Bikes was in the shop just minutes before the Potts came in and mentioned that he'd sure like to find a nice vintage Potts mountain bike for himself. This one's not for sale because its owner still loves this bike.

(What's playing: John Doe She's Not)

(edit: Sorry, Gabe, I messed up your name again and was reminded by JT at Breezer that it's Gabe, not Adam...I think I've got it memorized now!)


Ben said...

Really astounding! The U lock on the Salsa is great, I know a few people who would cringe at the sight of that. All the Potts bikes I see make me look forward to when I get one even more. I like the looks of the Rawland taking shape in the background as well. I may be coming out to SF in the relatively near future. I'd love to check out the shop, and I hope the scenery is as good as it's been lately. Thanks for giving us guys in the frozen blue collar north happy thoughts to look at!

Guitar Ted said...

Enjoy the vintage iron, Mike. My hats off to you for having the honor of working with such fine bicycles.

And I like to echo Ben's comments about the inspiring scenery. Thanks!