Saturday, December 13, 2008

What's in the stand...

Boy, I sure do try to put up some bikes to show Guitar Ted that it's not like this every day, but somehow, it just is like this every day. Well, maybe not every day.

So, what is in the stand? Steve Potts dropped off this ti Phoenix frame that I will be reassembling. It was sent to Steve to have the roller-cam brake bosses welded back on. For some strange reason, I've seen several Phoenix frames that have had their roller-cam bosses hacked off and replaced with canti brake bosses. And I do mean hacked. In this case they were simply hackedsawed off and the stubs left in place. Steve removed all trace of the canti brakes and then welded new roller-cam pivots on top of the hacked stubs. Pretty clean job and imperceptible to the all but the most scrutinous view.

From Repair Bikes

From Repair Bikes

Steve also dropped off a new Type II fork for the Phoenix as well as a new Type II for an upcoming "What's in the stand" post. I also had him make a custom stem to go with the new Type II as well. Those two parts will look very smart on their new home.
From Repair Bikes

From Repair Bikes

And as if the ti Phoenix wasn't enough, yep, that's a Cunningham in the stand too - #008 to be exact. It is here passing through to it's new home in Zurich at Cycle Shark. I installed a set of original Ground Control S tires (the original spec on this bike when it was new in 1986) and a set of very clean Magura brake levers.
From Repair Bikes

Found this buggered roller after trying to figure out why the front brake felt like poo. Fixed it and the brake feel awesome. Now if the 22 year old brake pads weren't dried out, the bike would stop like it is supposed to - on a dime.
From Repair Bikes

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Jim G said...

Incredible! More like "vintage restoration" than "bike repair"!!!

Think SP would make me a 1" threadless Type 2 fork for my Bontrager Race Lite? Hmm, that'd be sweet.

Guitar Ted said...

Face it Mike: You have got it good! Really! And I am happy for you from a mechanics viewpoint, if not just a bit jealous too.

But hey! It couldn't have happened to a nicer guy, I figure, and throw on top of that your sharing the love here, well.....

That's pretty dang awesome.

So, just give up trying to show me that you haven't got it "that good" and enjoy it. I'm good as long as I can live vicariously here!

Thanks again!

blackmountaincycles said...

I aim to please.

JimG - He still makes forks but his stock of crowns is running low. I do have a line on a new 1" threaded fork with roller-cam bosses painted an orange color if interested.