Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's in the stand...

This older Ted Wojcik came in to be reconditioned. Basically, it needed all new cables, brake pads, and a tube. This is a really neat bike. AMP supplied the rear end and Ted built the steel front triangle. There are some very nice details on both the front and rear.

Sorry, G-T. Still waiting for that raspberry to roll in (why the heck is there a 'p' in 'razberry'?)!

It's not obvious at all that two dissimilar materials are mated together.

Hollowed out chainstay yoke.

Drilled out cable stops - very nice touch.

Thin steel plate comprises the shock mounts.

That is one tidy tigged weld bead.

(What's playing: Yep, still on Johnny Cash I See A Darkness)

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Spankye said...

Nice! We sold Wojcik at the shop i was working at in 1993. Always wanted one of them.