Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What's brewing at Black Mountain Cycles...

Why, Black Mountain Cycles coffee, of course! Kinetic Koffee up in Arcata, CA roasts the coffee for me and applies the label. Pretty darn cool! All their coffee is certified organic and fair trade. I've got it in a "Smooth Medium Roast" (left) and "Rich Dark Roast" (right). Yours for $12.50/12 oz.
From Black Mountain Cycles

(What's in the cup: Rich Dark Roast, of course!)


Bushpig.vrc said...

Add one of each to my package please.

Anonymous said...

this coffee is simply one of the freshest and the best and Kinetic Koffee also gives back and makes various social and environmentally responsible groups. the best part is the taste....morning mayhem, espresso kinetico, french roast.....they are all wonderful!

your black mtn labels look uber-cool! much cooler than the regular label.....very cool branding, mike.