Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Serviceable shifters...

In yesterday's post about the White Industries shifter/derailleur, I tried to link it up to a post I thought I made about an Otis Guy tandem that was in a while back to get the derailleurs working. I must not have posted that as I couldn't find it. It may be here somewhere, but I can't find it. So, I'll just put it up (again).

This Otis Guy tandem with JP Morgen suspension stem, White Industries shifters, rear derailleur, modified XTR front derailleur, and Allsop Softride beam came in for some work. If I recall, it needed shifter/derailleur tuning.

Shifter cover removed.
Shifter disassembled. The indexing comes from a series of holes in a plate set into the shifter barrel. In the fixed part of the shifter, there is a ball bearing that indexes into the holes. Behind the ball bearing is a small spring (don't drop it) and a small grub screw that, when removed, allow the ball bearing and spring to be installed. The grub screw can also be tightened to increase (or loosened to decrease) the indexing "clicks."
The front derailleur is modfied by removing the spring and cable clamping apparatus. When removed, there is no spring tension so it will just flop around. The single push/pull cable wraps around the pulley push the derailleur out or pull it back.
Here you can see one part of the cable as it exits (or enters) the cable casing. Imagine trying to thread a cable through those tiny holes if the end is damage. Keep that cable perfect. I tried to solder the end of the cable in this case to keep the end from fraying, but too many years of it in a lube/grease encrusted environment made it impossible.

That's all the pictures I had but needless to say, it's not a fun job, but it is pleasing. In light of some recent posts regarding the serviceability of parts on The Bike Lab and Gnat Likes Bikes, it is nice to see the White Industries derailleur/shifter system that is definitely serviceable.

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Guitar Ted said...

Mike, once again, fascinating stuff, Tell me.....what if you mess that cable up? Is there anything one could do? It seems a shame that if a cable finally was in need of replace ment than you would be left with a useless set of shifters and derailluers.

Also...thanks for the link!

blackmountaincycles said...

I'm sure White Ind can supply the cable. The cable is one of those older style very flexible ones that you used to find in some Suntour bar-con shifters. It's longer than tandem length and the end is round instead of cylindrical. I'm sure the cable can be found with searching - like this place (http://tinyurl.com/18r) although it's in the UK.