Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Preview of things to come...

No, this isn't the 650B reference from this post. That's an even more secret project (and not mine either). As I had mentioned, the Rawland frames impressed me at Interbike this year, so much that I ordered a few frames. I decided on the disc brake Sogn model, the dSogn due to its ability to accept wheels shod with both 650B x 2.35 and a 700x45 tires. Sean's wheel size philosophy is all about a 700mm diameter and both these sizes are within millimeters of each other. After riding bikes with these sizes for the better part of the past year, I too concur. I plan on building up one of the dSogn frames and taking it for some "test" rides. More posts as the build comes together. For now, this is all you get.
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The frames also impressed Mountain Bike Action's Richard Cunningham as in the recent issue of MBA, RC named Rawland on his 10 Best list for 2008's Interbike. Pretty cool for a publication steeped in full-suspension.

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Jim G said...

Clearly I need to stop in for a visit in about a week or two! ;)

It's VERY cool that you're stocking these frames. Dangerously so!