Friday, December 5, 2008

650B Friday - Pt. 2...

As chance would have it, it's Friday and I've got a few more 650B projects. Unlike 650B Friday part 1, these bikes are a bit more moto, not the bikes of part 1 weren't moto, these are just mo' moto. So, what's on tap?

I was impressed with Sean Virning's Rawland bikes so I ordered some framesets. I've got a M, ML, and a L in the shop. I intend to build up the Large one with both a 700C and 650B wheelset. I'll mount 45c tire on the larger hoops and 2.35 Pacenti Neo-Moto tires on the 650B wheels. Both wheels will have an outer diameter of rougly 700mm. I will also try running the 650B x 2.35 in front with the 700x45c in back - that might be an interesting combination for some fast (I wish) motoring.

Hey, what's that in the background?
Lots of clearance on the Rawland.
Fork is made with the Pacenti double crown - very nice touch.

The other 650B project is a one-of-four OS Bikes 650B frame. A customer of Mark's was lucky enough to be able to purchase the frameset as well as the Wolverine 2.2 tires and LaserDisc Trail rims. I built up the wheels with a set of WTB hubs - LaserDisc Lite in front, LaserDisc Single Duty in back, DT Competition spokes and black alloy nipples. The wheels built up very nicely. You can tell when building a wheel when it's going to be a "tough" wheel. These wheels are tough. I'm liking the tread pattern of the tires too. Availability on the tires and rims (and frame as well, I believe) is Fall of 2009.

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Bushpig.vrc said...

Now I'm regretting not going 650B!

Guitar Ted said...

That's a pretty sweet set of rigs right there, Mike. Especially that black one. ;-)

Thanks for showing us the new stuff as well as the old. I appreciate it.

blackmountaincycles said...

Wait'll you see the red one built up. Schwing!

dRjON said...

hey mike, hope all well, we met before sswc when we were visiting the area.

1 or 2 quick questions on the wtb rims...are they the 27mm/wide same as the 26"/laser discs?

how available are they and if/when they become available, would you consider an order from scotland?!

ok! all the best, great blog!

cheers, jon meredith

blackmountaincycles said...

Howdy Jon! We never got to talk much beyond the usual bike shop banter. After you left, found out we also have a mutual friend - Ken E - who's just down the road. Enjoyed some nice Scotch with him over the weekend.

The rims are the same extrusion - 26", 650B, 700C - just rolled to a different diameter. So, yes, they would be the 27mm wide version of the 26" LaserDisc.

Shipping to Scotland - absolutely! When they are ready, of course.

Thanks for reading.