Friday, November 14, 2008

New in the shop...

I got these Redline Conquest cross bikes in recently. These are pretty sweet bikes for $1195. Nice attention to detail. Smart 9-speed drivetrain (more on the reason I like this in a bit), good mud clearance, good looking blue paint - and white bar tape (very PRO). In short these are perfect if one wants to get into 'cross racing or if one simply wants to tackle mixed terrain rides.

The bike.
Cross gearing. The bolt circle is 110 so this could be easily modified down to a 34 or up to a 52 or 53 (not that that combination would shift well...).
No frills Tektro brakes for reliable stops and Maxxis Raze tires.
Tiagra 9-speed shifters (105 rear derailleur), in-line brake levers, Ritchey bar/stem, and (did I mention this already?) white bar tape.
Lest you forget the name of your bike.
Ritchey wheelset.
Mud clearance.
Very smart spec with a chain watcher.
Okay, now why is 9-speed a good spec? Well, it allows you to choose from any mountain bike cog set if you find that the stock 25t cog doesn't give you a low enough gear. The 25 is plenty for 'cross racing, but if you are undertaking an arduous 10mile dirt road climb. The 9-speed Tiagra shifter is also fully compatible with any Shimano mountain bike rear derailleur if you find yourself wanting an 11-34 cogset.

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Mr. Jones said...

Very nice Mike, what's the largest size you have on hand?

blackmountaincycles said...

56cm currently