Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Black Mountain Cycles frames...

Greg asked in the Biketober post if I could post information on the frames I'm planning to bring in from Taiwan. Here's the info. I've also got it in a pdf format. If any one would like to receive a pdf file of this info, e-mail me and say pretty-please. blackmtncycles (at) gmail (dot) com
From BMC Frames

From BMC Frames

From BMC Frames

From BMC Frames

Let me know if this all makes sense, if you like it, or if you think I'm looney.

(I'm having a heckuva time getting the second page to link up. The source page is correct, but pasting the link just isn't working. Well that was a pita.)

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Guitar Ted said...

Very cool, Mike. Let me know if I can help in anyway.

The numbers look reasonable, but you know more than most, so who am I to say!

Looking forward to some images when the time is ripe.

Anonymous said...

Wow! If the frames live up to the descriptions that is an extremely impressive array. The road frame sounds perfect, the monster cross fills a niche that was pretty much custom only to this point and more 650B options would be great. I can't wait to see how these turn out! Any kind of waiting list at the moment?

laffeaux said...


Glad to see the frames are in the works! A bigger image size would help me read the specs though. ;)

Keep up the great work. I'm looking forwarding to seeing pictures of the BMC frames.


Mr. Jones said...

Hey Mike, exciting news. I really like the numbers on the 29er and monstercross frames.

One thing to consider: Make the headtube on the largest 29er a bit longer. As a tall rider the one issue I have with most 29er frames is that the headtube is just too darn short (even with the big wheel), making it difficult to get the bars high enough without using a volcano high set of stem spacers and a riser stem. The most comfortable 29er I ever owned was a Turner Sultan, which has a HT of 6" for the XL frame size. That might be a bit much for a HT, but even adding half an inch would put you way ahead of the competition, in my opinion. Short HTs make sense for shorter riders for whom the additional bar height is an issue, not so with us big folk.

Anyway, just a thought. Enjoyed seeing your collections of bikes (and riding the Mono9) when I was out yesterday.

blackmountaincycles said...

Thanks all for the comments.

Anonymous: no waiting list. Not sure if I could even manage one at this time. Maybe when I know arrival is imminent.

laffeaux: click the image, you should be able to read it in a larger form in picassa. If not, I'll e-mail you a pdf (I just did, actually).

Thanks for the feedback, Mr. Jones and for coming out.

Bushpig.vrc said...

Sounds pretty interesting. I can't wait to see pics! I see what you are doing with 29"er but it looks weird to me. When not 29er?

Johnson said...

How does that 29er differ from the Haro Mary that you designed? The numbers look rather close. I own the Mary and like it, so just curious.

Greg said...

Mike, thanks for posting these. I didn't realize you'd be offering so many kinds of frames! I second (or third or fourth) the request for pics when you get them.

About the 650B frame, is there any way to make the top tube a bit shorter, especially in the smaller sizes? I'm sure you know how hard it is for shorter riders to find frames that fit them. For instance my wife at 5'4" rides a repurposed 700c road frame (Sekai 2400) and while the seat tube is about 49cm the top tube is around 55cm. It's a bit of a reach so she uses swept back bars with a short stem. She hasn't found a bike yet (in our price range) that would let her use drop bars comfortably.

It seems like you should be able to offer something closer to a "square" frame with the smaller wheel size but I know you're contending with issues like toeclip overlap.

Thanks, Greg

blackmountaincycles said...

Bushpig: 29"er is a term that is more appropriately used to differentiate between a 29 inch wheeled mountain bike and "29er" which is a class of sailing boat.

Johnson: Good eye. Why mess too much with a good thing, eh? The main difference in mine are the sliding dropouts letting you go between single-speed and geared. And a 21" size. And it's available as a frameset. And it'll be lighter. I guess there are a couple of differences.

Anonymous said...

howdy mike,
any chance of singe speed compatible drop outs on the "monster"? --didn't see the "*" regarding different chainstay length. another question, strange as it may be, will their be canti mounts on the 29er?
the numbers look great to this guy, can't wait to swing by and see those steel steeds.

blackmountaincycles said...

Greg: Yes, toe overlap is a consideration. I'll be checking this against the samples I receive. It's possible there may be some tweaks once I get to check out samples.

Anonymous: That frame does have the old fashioned style horizontal road dropouts so running it single is a possibility. No canti mounts on the 29"er, though.

David Benson said...

375 is long for a track fork.

blackmountaincycles said...

Good catch, Mr. Benson! One of the problems of cutting and pasting. Some of the head tube lengths on the track frame are a little off too. The proper fork length is 360mm.

Mr. Jones said...

Thanks Mike. I'm really looking forward to seeing pix once you have them.

blackmountaincycles said...

Fixed the fork length on the track bike (and the head tube length on the 62 was incorrect as well).

Kid Riemer said...

Exciting stuff Mike! Best of luck. It looks like a very nice selection of frames.

nalax said...

I've been waiting for a 650b frame with these specs! I'm looking forward to this.