Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dear Marty...

Dear Marty,
I'm writing to let you know I've been doing well out here in Marin County. I do miss the seasons in Wisconsin, but I'm done freezing my stays off during winter. My new owner has been preoccupied the past year with proving he's tough by riding his 'cross bike where he really should be riding me, a mountain bike. But it's okay. I think he realized today just how incredible I treat my rider when we went out to Fairfax and rode a loop around Tamarancho. I don't know why he still marvels at how nimbly I get around the trails - especially how well balanced I am when climbing up switchback trails.

Any way, I had a great day riding today. Here's some pictures my owner took. Try not to cry too much when you see them - ha, ha! Now if I could just convince him to get rid of all those other bikes he likes. I know he likes me best.

Here I am with the most awesome of signs! Now if all trails were like this. I'm okay sharing trails with folks on foot and horseback, but I do like trails.

Here's me with Fairfax and San Pablo Bay in the background.

A closer up picture.

Hey, look, there's Mt. Tam in the background!

Wow, this was a fun trail!
By for now,

P.S. My owner says you get to take me on a bike ride if you ever come out to Marin.

(What's playing: some bluegrass on KWMR)


Head Honcho said...

Nice Mike. Real nice.

Oh! Did you forget to lock the shop door on your way out? Hmmm?

blackmountaincycles said...

Locked and alarm set. Now, did I turn the iron off?

cyclofiend said...

May it please the blogger - Point of Locative Order.

While I always appreciate an inferred/nested Minutemen reference, photo number two has San Pablo Bay in the background. (Although technically, it may remain "San Francisco Bay" until you go north of the San Rafael channel...

Have fun at Interbike!

blackmountaincycles said...

Guess that shows just how smart bikes really are. I fixed it for him. Thanks :-)