Saturday, August 9, 2008

Welp, it's going home...

Was lucky enough to have this hanging around the shop for a few weeks. Now it sits packed up in a bike box waiting for UPS to pick it up and bring it to its new home in the concrete jungle. It was pretty neat seeing people who recognized it and appreciated it. Most recently was yesterday when a couple from Sacramento came in and in a series of unfinished sentences got to see a Cunningham in the naked flesh (the bike, not the couple...).

"Is that..."
"Wow, I've never..."

And finally, one for JimG and my monster blueberry breakfast scone from, yep, The Bovine Bakery. Oh, yeah, it was good!
And finally a preview of an upcoming "What's in the stand" post... Yep, there's three of them.

(What's playing: The English Beat Jackpot)

1 comment:

Guitar Ted said...

Not just three roller cams, but those are purple ano Salsa skewers, no? This is going to be a pretty cool rig, I can tell already!