Thursday, August 21, 2008

Live at the HammerSchmidt Odeon...

As a companion piece to what I wrote a couple of days ago about SRAM/Truvativ's HammerSchmidt, I want to clarify the weigh issue. I've seem a few "yeah, it's cool but it weighs 1600 grams!" Well, actually, it's heavier. The all-mountain system is 1623g and the freeride system is 1785g. Yes, that is a heavy weight going by that number alone. However, please consider that it is a system. That weight is representative of the entire front drive train including a chain guide system.

If one was to calculate the weight of: 1) Crankset. 2) Bottom bracket. 3) Front derailer. 4) Additional links of chain. 5) Chain guide system, and then calculate the weight differences, it may be surprising how little the HammerSchmidt weighs. In all-mountain clothes, it does add 172g but in freeride form it adds only 11g.

Sure, comparing the HammerSchmidt directly to a single speed crank is not a fair comparison. However, comparing the system to what it is intended to replace, I don't seen how it can't be a huge benefit. And being that is is designed for hardcore off-road use, comparing it to a Schlumpf isn't really a fair comparison. Besides, I don't think Schlumpf can survive this.

And as a commuter item (once SRAM/Truvativ slims it down for commuter use because no one's going to huck off the train platform), I'm sure it will make a lot of sense for that application too. But this is all speculation because I have no idea if that is even on their project board (it should be, though - I know you're listening Bos). For the commuter types who say it's too heavy, well, again, compare it's weight (and for grins, let's say they trim it down to 1400g) to a triple crank, bottom bracket, front derailleur, about 20 links of chain...the weight difference becomes much less of a factor and may even end up being a weight savings in some cases. Additionally, no one really complains that a dynamo hub weighs so much more than a traditional front hub. It serves its purpose and the weight penalty is accepted.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the Schlumpf Speed Drive will finally have some competition.