Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's new in the shop...

I've know Chris Watson for over a decade. Chris knows bikes. And he also knows bottle cages and seat bags. The company he co-founded, Arundel, made one of the first (the first?) carbon fiber water bottle cage. I've had one on my bike for many years and a bottle has never been ejected - even when bouncing over railroad crossings or cattle guards. I still talk with Chris every now and then. Recently he sent me some info on his new stainless bottle cage and Dual seat bag. They looked nice and knowing that whatever Chris does will be top-notch, I bought some.

The bottle cage is very nicely done in the style of their carbon cage. The Arundel name in the mounting bracket is a nice touch. Good attention to detail. Holds the bottle securely. Just works.
The Dual seat back is just right - two spare tubes, a tire lever, patch kit, folding Crankbrothers Multi-17 tool, and a five dollar bill (fuel or tire boot). Arundel says it holds two tubes and two CO2 cartridges. I use a frame pump so substituted the tool for the air cartridges. There's a piece of leather where it buts up against the seat post so holes don't wear in it. It's got no strap that goes around the seat post (doesn't need it). It straps securely to the seat rails with a nice long hook-and-loop strap.

Bottle cage: $24.50. Seat bag: $19.50. Smart purchases.

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