Saturday, July 12, 2008

What's in the stand...

This old Ibis road frame came in to have an (almost) complete 8-speed Dura Ace group installed. The frame was virtually NOS. It had had a bottom bracket threaded into it at one time and the headset was already installed, but it didn't appear that a rear derailleur had been threaded into the dropout as I had to clean out the paint a bit. Based on the serial number being a couple hundred after my 1991 Ibis SS number and the decal style, I would put this frame as a 1991 as well.

The biggest challenge was converting the 7-speed UG cassette body to accept 8 Hyperglide style cogs. A new 6500 series cassette body and right side cone followed by a redishing and she was ready to go to 8-speeds.

I like the simple straight stays with ample tire clearance. Yes, it is possible.

The old shifters are definitely crisp feeling. The modern shifters have lost that stiff, sharp spring and have become almost numb.

No cracks are going to form around the seat tube slot relief. Nice touch.

(What's playing: Le Tour)

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