Friday, July 18, 2008

That was easy...

I sold a trunk mounted car rack today. Right after opening, a couple of ladies came into the shop and asked if I sold "bike racks." After a few qualifying questions, I quickly ascertained that they were after an apparatus for their car with which to transport two bicycles. I sold them the one I carry. It could have been a Saris or a Thule or a Hollywood. I buy two at a time. Both are always the same brand and model - two bike. They're all pretty nice. If I can buy them on sale, that's a bonus. When I sell the two, I order two more.

As I was ringing up the sale, they commented "well, that was easy." "How so," I asked. "Well, you just had the one and it was exactly what we needed. No decisions over which model, what price. You made the decision for us by only having the one choice." This really brings home what a wise sage wearing a visor, sandals, and riding a bike with a couple inches of seat post showing told me: "eliminate choices, stock one model, take away the decision factor on which brand/color the customer should buy." I'm in the process of whittling down the choices in some things I have. You want arm warmers? These DeFeet arm warmers are very nice and don't fall down. You want lube for your chain? I use only ProLink, myself. Handlebar tape, you say? Cinelli is all you need to know.

I believe in the concept. I've thought I needed a new shirt on occasion so I'll go to the mall and end up leaving with nothing because I can't decide. There's just too many choices and I can't make up my mind. I don't like menus that are page after page of impossible choices. Cafe Reyes, here in Point Reyes, has done a great job of consolidating their menu into one page - and that's one page for everything - drinks, appetizers, main course - everything. I like eating there. It's something I can manage.

(What's playing: Robert Plant & Allison Kraus Fortune Teller)
(What's on tap: A 22 of Dead Guy Ale from Rogue Brewery - yummy!)

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Emily said...

Shopping and comparing brands drives me insane. I never knew how much I would miss being on a university team with a Specialized sponsorship-- not just for the discount price but for the ease of choices. Takes forever to decide what to buy now...