Sunday, July 13, 2008

I don't get it...

Pt. Reyes used to have some public porta-potties set up next to the shop. Cyclists knew about them and used them all the time. It was a pretty good deal for me as far as exposure goes. No not that kind of exposure. Groups of cyclists would stop for the one rider with TBS (tiny bladder syndrome) to get some relief. Whilst waiting, the others would come in and check out the shop.

The porta-potties are gone in lieu (pun intended) of a more permanent structure a block away. Now I get cyclists coming through the parking lot, stopping, scratching their heads, wondering aloud to their buddies where the bathrooms went. They are literally right outside the door. I can hear them. The thing that I don't get is they don't come into the shop and ask where the public restrooms are or if they can use my water closet. That's what I'd do if I was out on a ride and there was a bike shop 20 feet away. C'est la vie.

(2:44 p.m. - and it just happened again. Guy rides into the parking lot, stops 15 feet from the shop door, looks to where the bathrooms used to be, looks at the shop, turns around and rides out of the parking lot. I don't get it. But then he's probably also the guy who doesn't wave either.)

(What's playing: Thin Lizzy Jailbreak)

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TLL said...

Perhaps a sign on the window stating "cyclist friendly potty inside"?