Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Right after I built up that ti Potts, snapped the photos, and posted it, I packed the whole thing up in a box, careful not to leave out the pedals, quick releases, seat/seat post, as UPS was to pick it up in a couple of hours - bound for New Hampshire. After I got it packed up, I sat at my desk and answered a couple of e-mails. Hey, what's that sitting on the truing stand? Doh! Rotors. In my mental checklist, I left out rotors - rotor bolts were secure in the carton, but rotors...nope. Five minutes later and rotors were in place, not to be left out.

Rotors sitting on the truing stand and the carton where they need to be.

From Doh! to Whoa! That recumbent perched in the stand is in for a "get it back into ridable shape." It's been sitting outside for a year or so up in the clouds on Inverness Ridge. Weather has not been kind to it. The mechanical brake caliper pistons were pretty much frozen in place. I cracked open this one to find a spider of some sort had taken up residence inside the caliper. Can't imagine the eats were very good inside there. While I had a "whoa!" moment, he must have too because I imagine he thought, "damn, I got to find another crib."

(What's playing: KWMR community radio)

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