Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Augustyn! Augustyn!...

Like Pete Rose sliding head first into third, John-Lee Augustyn exited the road off the descent of the Cime de la Bonette and slid head first down its slopes, the highest paved road in Europe at 9,193 feet. He had spectacularly crested the summit first and was flying down the long descent to the finish when he failed to negotiate a right hander sending him and his bike hurtling down the slope. He scrambled back up to the road with the help of a spectator, but I don't think his bike stopped cartwheeling until it hit bottom. I hope he was able to get a spare and finish to remain in the race (I see he did now, finishing 35th 5:27 back with a teammate). There is a video here. If Oscar Pereiro thought he "was going to die" when he went off the road a couple of days ago, I wonder what went though Augustyn's mind when he left the road - "did I turn the iron off?" Don't think so. Freaks me out thinking about crashing like that.

(What's playing: Ben Harper Suzie Blue on KPIG)

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