Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New, old bikes...

I’ve always liked the simple, classic design of the traditional English 3-speed. Not long ago, I decided to investigate what the list of Craig has to offer and found a his and hers Raleigh Superbe 3-speed for sale. A quick negotiation and they were ours. They turned out to be super clean, still retaining their original chainwheels with the Heron logo, rear rack, dynamo front hub and light…Yeah, they are clean. Air in the tires and they are ready to ride. The ladies bike did need a new indicator spindle, but thankfully, one can actually purchase this part brand new. The Sturmey-Archer hub indicates they are from 1969, or at least the hub is.

These bikes are what the bike industry needs to remake. It’s what people want – simple. The frame could be aluminum (but only if the tubes are not those horribly oversized abominations) or steel. Folks seem to be worried that steel rusts. Well, yeah, if you don’t take care of the bike. Your car is steel. It’s probably not rusting because you take care of it.

The new and old indicator spindle.

His and hers

Locking fork (sadly the keys are long lost)

Generator front hub for the (dim) light and mileage indicator. I seem to have mis-adjusted the mileage indicator because I now have 1679 miles. Nothing like rolling back the odometer to increase the value...

The name says it all

Wonder if the sheriff rides one...

Chainring detail...down to the heron's eye

Vintage leather

1969 AW hub

I always like it when the bike shop sticker survives - a better glimpse into the past.

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Take it to a lock smith, I'm sure for $50 you can get new keys...