Monday, June 2, 2008

Mixed terrain...

When I moved here, I did some internet searching for rides in the Marin area. What I found were a few personal websites/blogs that seemed to favor my favorite type of rides. They called them mixed terrain rides - combining paved roads and trails and dirt roads and trails. I like riding my bike wherever I want to regardless of what's under my tires. As chance would have it the three sites I found that touted mixed terrain rides were three friends and riding partners. Jim E is cyclofiend, JimG is sfcyclotouring, and It Followed Me Home is Carlos. Carlos also has a nice mixed terrain ride descriptions and downloadable cue sheets. And as by another chance would have it, they've all visited the shop independant of my finding out about them.

Recently on cyclofiend, he posted a link to some photos from the infamous Jobst rides that Jobst Brandt led. These rides rambled all over the Santa Cruz mountains usually from Palo Alto. Fortitude, perseverance, and determination. All of these rides were done on their road bikes and involved a healthy dose of dirt. I don't think many of today's road riders would be too happy on a Jobst ride that was even half as tough. Heck, it seems that there's already a lot of those folks who won't even ride their road bike through my dirt parking lot.

Anyway, mixed terrain, that's what I did today. Climbed up Mt. Vision road and then took the Inverness Ridge trail back to Limantour Rd. and back home. A nice 2 hour get-out-and-shake-the-cobwebs-off ride. Took some pictures too.

Up at the top of Mt. Vision.

Looking back towards the bay. I like this orange Ibex wool jersey.

Looking out over Drake's Bay and Drake's Estero.

Time to put the camera away and pay attention to the trail.

(What's playing: Neko Case Deep Red Bells)


Jim G said...

If you're interested in mixed-terrain riding, check out Carlos' mixed-terrain ride schedule -- especially his 200k mixed-terrain route, La Ruta Loca Randonnee planned for July 19th. It's our hope that this ride will become the west-coast version of the D2R2!

Guitar Ted said...

Call me crazy, but it's my belief that this sort of mixed terrain ride is exactly the sort of thing that will be catching on all over.

Out here in Iowa, it's mostly gravel and dirt roads, but no less fun and adventurous.

blackmountaincycles said...

...they'll have to start trading in their plastique road bikes, but yeah, especially as it becomes more expensive to ride to the trail head.