Saturday, June 14, 2008

Funny how some things work...

I've been out of a certain lock for a few weeks. Finally got around to ordering more last week. They came in yesterday. Sold out within a few hours. Guess four locks wasn't enough.

I had never ordered any half-links for dialing in single-speed bikes until earlier this week. Ordered two thinking, "what the heck, probably a good thing to have." Sold out in two days on single-speed conversions. Both old Bridgestones - really sweet conversions. What are the chances?

Boy, if this order followed immediately by sell works so well, I think I may just go ahead and order a Campy Record group. Well, maybe not.

And on a similar vein, boy howdy was it busy today! Here's a list off the top of my single-beer-tainted memory noggin: Bridgestone MB-0 (say Zip) single-speed conversion with White Ind Eno hub wheel build; Trek mountain bike tune-up (needed a new front mech to replace the mangled one that came in on the bike); emergency broken shift cable dig-out and replace on a D/A 9-s shifter; replace broken spoke nipple on a Ritchey WCS rear wheel; flat tire repair; pump repair; kickstand install; install taller stem on old SR mountain bike with tune-up and new cables; write up five new bikes for repair...whew! Now where'd the rest of that beer go...

(What's playing: Booker T. and the MG's Green Onions - really loud!....and followed by The B-52's Dance This Mess Around - even louder!)

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