Monday, May 26, 2008

What's in the stand...

A very nice old Rock Lobster with some nice touches came in for a rejuvenation treatment and a new set of On-One Mary bars. Turned out pretty sweet.

How can the B-52's song not be roaring through your head when you see a Rock Lobster? Bontrager fork too!

Hand signed by Paul Sadoff.

Another hand painted something which I'm not sure what it signifies.

And another hand painted touch just in case you missed the Rock Lobster emblazoned on the down tube.

Unfiled fillet brazed frame - very nice.

I like this cable routing better than the standard down the left side of the roller and up to the derailleur. The cable angle up to the derailleur is more natural and pulls the derailleur in the direction that the arm actuates.

Hand made brakes. The owner wasn't sure who made these, but thinks someone in the Santa Cruz area made them. They set up and work pretty good. Waaaay better than all that other CNC junk from SoCal.

The Mary bars work pretty well with the 6-speed XT thumb shifters.

(What's playing: Muddy Waters I'm Ready)


Guitar Ted said...

Mike, that bike is awesome! Thanks for sharing it with us. That's one of the...I don't know...hundreds of bikes I'd like to own someday. :)

But seriously, Paul does some killer work and I really admire his bikes.

Paterfamilias said...

I'll bet a nickle those are Bruce Gordon brakes... Just my guess.

Paul is pretty handy on the guitar as well.

blackmountaincycles said...

Good guess, Daniel. As chance would have it, Bruce stopped by Sunday and didn't say anything about the brakes. The owner remembers someone from Santa Cruz (not KB) made them.

cyclofiend said...

Hmmm...they look like the old Critical brakes, but without the full cutout on the arms. Also the cable attachment is different. Man, then days when everyone with a machine shop was just crankin' out designs...