Friday, May 16, 2008

What's in the stand...

This sweet old Klein came in to get brought back to its original form. It came in with a suspension fork which probably adversely affected the handling considering the frame was made years before the first suspension fork hit the market. Luckily its owner retained the original Steve Potts made Type II fork. The fork just needed a fresh coat of Sycip applied black powder coat and it was like new.

When the bike came in it was a little worse for the wear but only in a cosmetic sense. Raw Klein Pinnacle Elites are really beautiful when polished and this one cleaned up super nice. The Elite version of the Klein Pinnacle is differentiated by the filed welds around the dropout and a higher level of frame finishing. Paint does a disservice to these frames and a little Simichrome and elbow grease and this baby was all shiny!



No name King headset, rollercams, Type II - doesn't get better.

Still retains the sticker from where it was purchased - nice touch! And notice the mirror like finish of the polished frame. Can also be used as a signal mirror if lost in the wilderness.

Custom bent WTB ti bar.

Hugi hub - boy does this thing make a racket!

Chainstays transition from round to square.

(What's playing: KWMR)


Jim G said...

Wow. Where'd you find the Rollercams?!

blackmountaincycles said...

Doesn't everyone have some of these laying around old parts bins? ;-)