Saturday, May 3, 2008

What's in the stand today...

You were expecting a Cunningham? Not today. Sometimes, it's just plain old ordinary bikes. One of which was uncovered from it's embrace with the weeds and vines. Both are plenty usable as everyday coffee/bar bikes.

If the guy who found the Royce Union doesn't end up wanting it (I replaced a frozen rear brake cable), I have a vision of new Sun 26x1 3/8" aluminum rims built onto a SRAM 3-speed hub I have with new tires, seat, and a Wald rear rack/basket for my wife. The more I think about it, the more I hope he doesn't want it. Could clean up nicely.

The red Giant was in as a result of bike vs. car and a totally tacoed front wheel. That was, luckily, the only damage. As out of whack as the wheel was, the tire was still on and holding air.

(What's playing: Devo Whip It - whip it, into shape, shape it up, get straight, go forward, move ahead...perfect theme song for these bikes)

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